International Multidisciplinary Colloquium : Mass/Count in Linguistics, Philosophy and Cognitive Science, December 19-21, 2012, ENS, Paris

December 19, 2012: Tutorial

Friederike Moltmann (IHPST) & David Nicolas (IJN)

The colloquium will be preceded by a one day tutorial. The tutorial will provide an overview and a critical discussion of the various approaches to the mass-count distinction both in philosophy and in linguistic semantics

December 20-21, 2012: Colloquium


  • David Barner (UCSD)
  • Henry Laycock (Queen's University)
  • Almerindo Ojeda (UCDavis)
  • Byeon-uk Yi (Toronto University)
  • Anne Zribi-Herts (Paris 8 University)


  • Alan Bale & Brendan Gillon: Re-Examining the Mass-Count Distinction
  • Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin: Lexical Cumulativity and Pluralization in Brazilian Portuguese
  • Abdelkader Fassi Fehri: General Nouns in the Gramma of Count/Mass
  • Emrah Görgülü: A new Look at the Count-Mass Distinction in Turkish
  • Scott Grimm & Beth Levin: Who Has More Furniture? An Exploration of the Bases for Comparison
  • Stefan Hinterwimmer: A Comparison of Abstract and Concrete Mass Nouns in Terms of Their Interaction with Vague Quantificational Determiners
  • Kiyofon Antoine Koné: Les Limites de l'Opposition Singulier/Pluriel dans la Systématisation des Emplois des Classificateurs Tagbana
  • XuPing Li: Water and Boy in Mandarin: an Ontological Distinction only
  • Yan Li: L'Interprétation de la Sémantique de  'nom propre-men' en chinois
  • Suzi Lima: The Count/Mass Distinction in Yudha (Tupi): Quantity Judgement Studies
  • Ana Muller: Individuation in a Bare-Nouns-Only Language
  • Susan Rothstein, Alessandro Treves, Ritwik Kulkarni: A Statistical Investigation into the Crosslinguistic Distribution of Mass and Count Nouns: Morphosyntactic and Semantic perspectives
  • Peter Smith: Count-Mass Nouns May Not Be Mass After All
  • Roberto Zamparelli: Countability, Number and (In)Definiteness in Chinese Nominals

  • Viviane Arigne: Les Discrets Collectifs: un Révélateur pour l'Opposition Discret/Massif?
  • Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin, Marcelo Ferreira: Count Bare NPs ad Amounts of Objects
  • Giorgio Magri: Set-Theory Does Not Provide the Right Structure for the Semantics of Plurals
  • Catherine Mazodier: "How Much Sideboob is Too Much Sideboob?" Fonctionnement du Nom, Quantification et/ou Qualification: une AnalyseEnonciative des Emplois en Contexte du Néologisme "Sideboob".
  • Susan Rothstein, Roberta Pires de Oliveira: Bare Noun Prases and Comparatives: a Cross linguistic Perspective?
  • Sylvie Voisin: Liquide, Massif et Collectif en Kobiana
  • Debra Ziegeler: Bare Nominals in Contact Dialects of English: a Unified Semantic Diagnosis



  • Alexandra Arapinis (ENS, IHPST)
  • David Barner (UCSD)
  • Carmen Dobrovie-Sorin (CNRS, Paris 7 University)
  • Jenny Doetjes (Leiden University)
  • Friederike Moltmann (CNRS, IHPST)
  • David Nicolas (CNRS, IJN)
  • Almerindo Ojeda (UCDavis)
  • Susan Rothstein(Bar Ilan University)
  • Elena Soare (Paris 8 University)
  • Fayssal Tayalati (Lille 3 University)
  • Lucia M. Tovena (Paris 7 University)
  • Danièle van de Velde (Lille 3 University)
  • Byeon-Uk Yi (Toronto University)
  • Anne Zribi-Herts (Paris 8 University) 


  • Alexandra Arapinis (ENS, IHPST)
  • Friederike Moltmann (CNRS, IHPST)
  • Lucia M. Tovena (Paris 7 University)

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